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Louise & Dominic

You know when it’s just one of those days to remember? Well, this one in particular will always be one of those. It was just 6 days before our own Wedding day and I guess you could say emotions may have been high anyway. We were filled with excitement for the weeks ahead and as always wanted to create pictures for Louise and Dominic that they would remember for a long long time. Perhaps it brought the day into a much more vivid reality as we were due to go through similar thoughts and events but what ever it was, it will remain a magical day for us and we suspect for them too.

It can be hard to sit and write about someone’s special day without launching into some kind of long list of all the wonderful ‘things’ that happened or were displayed. There is never any doubt the amount of effort that goes into the preparations and with just one look, it was very clear that Lou and Dom had some great ideas.

Their Wedding was set at the most incredible Orangery at Settrington. In the morning we watched as the rain poured down the windows of Louise’s parent house, obscuring the view of their country garden near York. Everyone waited patiently for a break and to see the sun. It felt as though somehow the tension was rising throughout the morning and when we arrived to see Dom, it was clear that emotions were very present.

These two have a beautiful way of being together. Soft and gentle with each other, along with the upmost respect. You could see it through the many tears Dom shed as he waited for Lou to walk towards him and feel it in the in the vibration visible through Lou’s shoulders as she waited patiently for her time to walk down the isle.

Thank you both for an extra special day! The light was kind to us and cast it’s soft glow over you both in the way we love most.