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Twenty fifteen Weddings

2015 – Thank you for your light, your reality and your honesty.

Weddings for us are for the imperfect moments, for the bits in between.

Not just for the ceremony, the traditions and itineraries.

They are a way to see more, feel more and take notice more.

They are so embedded in a part of you and I, that they cannot be separated.

From the very beginning of the year,

when the icy wind blew and froze your perfect shoulders as you stood hoping your dad’s car would finally start,

when there were no words to describe what had happened too soon, but you all stuck together like you always do,

when your Percy pig dog sat on my foot, because it was just more comfortable there,

when your Granny had long lost all her words.. but could sing the most beautiful song to you on your day, anyway

when you held your tiny niece and were totally overwhelmed that she actually made it here this time

when all of your friends sang so loudly and proudly it gave me goosebumps.

For all of these in-between moments and so many many more, we are always thankful for your time, your love and understanding.

These are our 2015 seconds of real.